Debut exhibition

The SIIKU debut exhibition “Ankomst” (eng: Arrival) took place at Arttra Gallery in Copenhagen, August 16-18, 2018.

The exhibition was focused on the climate crisis through photography, light installations and seaweed. The 3-days programme of activities featured: Opening speech by Culture and Leisure Mayor of Copenhagen, Niko Grünfeld. Poetry reading by Silja E.K. Henderson, Jacob Hallgren and Claus Ankersen. Friday Social Bar with homemade cocktails and music by DJs Kampai Bakas. Meditation and Science talk with the SIIKU community.

SIIKU was established in 2017 by Rasmus Nielsen (born 1984, Lyngby) and David H. Péronard (born 1981, Nuuk). The name is inspired by the Greenlandic word for ice, siku, and is a new art community with a mission to create solidarity around the climate crisis and global growing inequality. 🖤